Lonely Road (featuring Zoe Gnecco)

I originally wrote this piece of music for a TV promo and advertising campaign. I really enjoyed writing the energy and playing the bass on this - and most of all, having fun exaggerating as much as I could in the production stage.

Sometime in 2018 I was reminiscing about the 80s and watching old pop music videos on YouTube and I stumbled (thanks to youtube’s random suggestions) on a song by a-ha songwriter Pal Waaktaar - in collaboration with singer Zoe Gnecco.

It was called ‘Beautiful Burnout’ and it was honestly one of the first times in a long time where I’ve instantly fallen for a song. I must have played it 18 times before scrabbling around the internet to find a way to buy a digital copy of the album.

FLACs bought and downloaded - I now had myself a copy of ‘World Of Trouble’ by Waaktaar Zoe - a stunning album that showcases Zoe’s effortless voice set against Pal’s catchy, emotive pop goodness. Oh those melody lines!

Flash forward a while and I contacted Zoe and asked her if she wanted to sing on my short but rather intense track ‘Lonely Road’ - and after a few back and forths I had these ethereal vocals blending beautifully with my instrumental piece. It’s almost as if they’ve always been there.

Thanks again to Zoe, and hope we can work together again in the future.

You can listen to the track on this page or here.

Go check out and follow Zoe’s vlogs here:

Zoe Gnecco on YouTube